Marsden Embedded Combustion IR Generators

Marsden MIG

Twin element IR generator with 'blow by' boxes for paper production moisture profiling.

Marsden MIG

Video - matrix face cool to the touch in less than 1 second.

Marsden Embedded Combustion

Breakthrough Gas IR Technology transfers more than three times the IR Flux than metal fibre surface combustion burners per unit of fuel input.

It's called Embedded Combustion and it's changing the way industry is going about the chalenges of non-contact IR drying and curing.

Embedded Combustion is a process that directs the combustion of the gas / air premix to initiate 1/8" within the outer face of the 1" thick IR emitter. This increases the emitter / hot gas contact surface area and residence time, and reduces the dt (temperature difference) between the emitter structure and the hot gases

For you it simply means 3 times the heat transfer efficiency (or to put it another way, the same amount of IR outout for only 1/3 the fuel input).

3 to 1
3 to 1

The Secret of Embedded Combustion:

The Secret lies between finger and flame, You do not burn your finger when you pass it quickly through a flame. You can even hold your finger alongside a flame without burning because the flame emits very little Infrared. These two demonstrations help to understand the advantages of Embedded Combustion in a gas Infrared emitter.

The hot gas molecules in the flame heat the gas infrared emitter mostly by conduction (physical contact) not by thermal radiation (IR). Conduction energy transfer is increased directly proportional to residence time, surface area and dt (temperature difference).

In a non-contact IR drying system, Embedded Combustion greatly improves IR efficiency by increasing the time the flame is in contact with, and the area of contact of, the emitter structure. The result? 3 times the IR heat flux compared to metal fibre surface combustion burners with the same fuel input.

Embedded Combustion coupled with a very high emittance, means Marsden gas IR Emitters produce more IR output at lower, more fuel-efficient operating temperatures than metal fibre surface combustion burners.

Marsden Infrared Generators

IR emitter operational and safety features include:

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